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Once all the cards are drawn, the winning Side Bets will be verified, starting from the Perfect Pair set in the right bet place, followed by the 21+3 (at the same Bet Place). If you end up with the same hand value as the dealer (a "push"), you get your bet amount back.

The mathematical forumlas are based on the actual probabilities of the different card values. After this use the green buttons of the 4th row to decrease the remaining cards (the red buttons of the 2nd row can be used for undoing).

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statement of financial condition  
notes to the financial statement
detailed asset and liability schedules
summary of annualized income and expenses
personal contact and employment information
a standardized representation of accuracy statement
use the printout when a customer is applying for or maintaining credit with your financial institution and you will not only save your customer time by simplifying your application, you will save yourself time with a standardized and more streamlined process. this means you will have more time to spend on what really matters — building lasting relationships with your customers.
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which edition of net worth express is right for my customers?
is net worth express compatible with my customer's computer?
how do i order net worth express?

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