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which edition has the right features for you? home pro
create a professionally formatted personal financial statement
calculate net worth and generate a balance sheet
add comprehensive notes to each financial statement
number of detailed asset schedules 12 18
number of detailed liability schedules 8 12
track income and expenses
input information on an individual or joint basis
account for taxes on unrealized asset appreciation
include a representation of accuracy using the generic statement provided, or enter your own
customize the title and footer of each report
catalog important relatives, contacts, and documents
insert an accountant's compilation report using or modifying a built-in standard report based on gaap, or create your own
print a compilation report on company letterhead
identify the preparer of each financial statement
produce unbranded reports intended for client delivery
download free enhancements from networthexpress.com
step-by-step guidance through the program — by answering simple questions and making basic selections you will be presented with only the screens necessary for your specific situation
simple-to-use keyboard shortcuts for primary program actions
easy-to-learn menus
customizable lists for type of income and expenses, contacts, relationships, and important documents
select what information you want to include in each printout
preview your report prior to sending it to the printer

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